The most common question which we come across when working with a new client is if the pressure washing services indeed necessary. Comprehensive pressure washing, especially for commercial buildings, is a must as there are many benefits associated with it, besides just a dirt and dust free property.

Pressure washing before and after
Pressure washing: before and after

For a better understanding of the importance of this kind of pressure washing, here we are going to present just a few benefits which a business can enjoy:

Presentable Appearance

Making the physical building presentable is considered as one of the most effective marketing and advertising strategies. To attract or impress both potential and existing customers, the property must be clean and be aesthetically pleasing. With service from Enter Studio, we can restore the exterior look of your building including concrete surfaces like walkways, parking lots, and sidewalks without the cost of renovating and reconstruction.

Hygienic Environment

An unkempt and dirty working environment not only a big warning flag for customers, but it also can lower the moral of the employees. This is because; an unhygienic work environment equals to negligence and lack of sincerity. Besides, unkempt working environment also results in the growth of mildew and mold which is a health hazard and should be avoided at all cost. For this reason, many businesses rely on our commercial pressure wash methods to eliminate any kind of damaging contaminants and keep the building hygienic.

Here are just some of the reason why we have been a go-to pressure washing service provider for so many years:

No damage to the Surface

Incorrect pressure washing technique, wrong cleaning solution, and too much pressure are just some of the common ways by which one can destroy the surface of the client’s commercial building. In order to provide the best services without destroying the property, we make sure that the work is done by our experienced and trained staff only.

Eco-friendly Service

The process of commercial pressure washing services is associated with toxic and heavy metals that are flushed downstream. Hence, a pressure wash service provider needs to collect this wastewater. We make sure that our employees are well aware of the damages that come with this kind of practice. They are taught and trained to properly collect this harmful wastewater and transport it to the right disposal facilities. Besides, unlike other companies, in order to make our service an eco-friendly one, we only use eco-friendly cleaning mixtures instead of toxic chemicals for the heavy duty work.

Latest Pressure Washing Equipment

power washerWe stay up-to-date with all the latest equipment, tools and techniques in the world of pressure washing. Our experience which we gained while working on many different types and kinds of properties along with the cutting-edge latest equipment and methods, we provide the best result always. Besides, we ensure that our staff has the knowledge and skill needed to use both traditional and latest machines properly as well.

Prevention of Injuries

If somehow gas-powered commercial pressure washers are not used in a confined space, then there will be a high risk of monoxide poisoning. Pressure washing equipment should be used with utmost care as if anyone is sprayed by the washer then, they will have to deal with the pain and complications of skin abrasions. On the other hand, electric powered pressure washers need to be plugged into Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets only. Besides, the staff should be wearing rubber-soled shoes when using such an equipment. These are just some of the safety precautions which are necessary to avoid injuries and creating an unwanted incident at the client’s building. We train our staff how to use the machine and also provide the required safety gears to make sure our staff and client do not have to deal with any kind of problem.

These are just some of the reason why we are the leader in pressure washing solutions. We are proud of our excellent customer care services; thus we urge everyone to contact us today as we here to help!